Prime Accounting Solutions

Financial Intelligence

Financial Clarity Together

We create precise financial documents and reports, giving you the power to make proactive decisions that boost your business’s success and profitability. It’s like navigating your financial world together.

  • Budget Vs Actuals – identify variances and assess whether the company is on track to meet its financial goals
  • Cash Flow Analysis Reports – monitor liquidity, identify cash flow trends, and make decisions related to working capital management

Financial Support Right Beside You

We strengthen financial controls, safeguarding your assets and reducing the risk of financial mishaps. Think of us as your financial allies, ensuring a strong financial defense.

  • Cost Analysis Reports – Improves cost efficiency & helps allocate resources effectively
  • Financial Statement Variance Analysis – pinpoints areas that require attention or further investigation

Smart Decisions, Bright Ideas

Our CFOs bring not just numbers but fresh insights to the table, helping you make smart decisions and supporting your innovative ideas. We’re your strategic partners on the journey to success.

  • Forecasting and Projection Reports – scenario planning & strategic decision making
  • Revenue Analysis Reports – will help identify sales trends, product lines / will help identify growth opportunities and potential challenges

Trust-Building with Stakeholders

We bring financial intelligence to the boardroom, building trust with investors and lenders, a critical step in planning your company’s exciting future. We’re here to make the financial journey enjoyable and rewarding.

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboards – Syft – quick overview of the company’s financial health and performance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Due Diligence Reports – assess the financial health and risks of the target company
  • Compliance and Regulatory Reports – ensure that the company complies with financial regulations and reporting requirements

Other reports that will be useful

  • Benchmark Reports in Syft – provides comps with other in the industry, could be used to show areas of strength or weaknesses against competitors in terms of financial health